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Personal Hypnotherapy:

Sports Hypnotherapy

Hypnoheal offers a dedicated 'personalised service' on a range of issues. As a qualified practitioner of Hypnotherapy/NLP I am available to see clients on a private individual basis and all sessions/treatments are confidentially assured.

Hypnotherapy is for everyone whether you're an infant with a behavioural problem a teenager or whether you're middle aged or retired, everyone can benefit from hypnotherapy, there are no exceptions.



Marriage is a commitment and normally a long term one. We are constantly being pushed and shoved in various directions by the media and various other stimuli that causes an unrest in our perceptions to life, this can lead to instability in relationships, but by re-establishing our morale principles lead us to lead more healthier lives. Certainly a great deal cheaper than divorce!

Weight Control:

Weight Control

Weight can be linked to a number of factors. For example: bereavement can cause overeating leading to excessive weight gain. By establishing the symptoms will lead to the cause of the problem and at which stage the issues can be addressed.

'Three Step' Cancer Treatment Programme:

'Three Step' Cancer Treatment Programme

Cancer appears to be on the increase and I believe a lot of it comes down to the choices we make. 'Stress' is very much the catalyst in triggering certain events that lead to a weakened immune system and drugs can be as well.

By relieving the stress symptoms and strengthening the immune system will bolster the vitality. The conscious mind only sleeps when you go to bed and that the subconscious never sleeps, which is why it is vital R&R therapy is implemented. There is no magic formula - but by stabilising the client in trance and working with the subconscious, will bring out a range of beneficial changes towards putting the client back on track to making a recovery back to good health.

Please feel free to use the contact form below to outline your hypnotherapy requirements: All enquiries will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.